Welcome to a little piece of creative therapy to take you off and away to your creative place. In the coming months, I will be developing this site and provide tools to support your creative passion for color, texture, fiber and fashion arts.  Escape and come play with your imagination. Celebrate your unique love of beautiful fabrics, fiber arts and fashion design! Though my physical store D’Leas Fabric & Button Studio (1986-2006) smiles only from our hearts now, the energy and passion of it is still alive in me, bubbling to express itself. I have a feeling you need to feel it, too.

Many of you knew me over the years as a visionary and an expert merchandiser, curator, buyer and writer. I have been on an adventurous path of entrepreneurism my entire life with one common theme….to express my vision. I have a unique eye and a very unique mind for connecting and synthesizing, especially when it comes to textiles, trends, and topics of all things fashion & fiber arts!

Stay tuned as I connect us through the cyber airwaves. It will be a wonderful adventure, known to many as the D’Leas touch.

I look forward to our kinship!

Di dlea sig 2014