Is this how your mind feels when you know you have to do marketing?

…for both Personal Styling and Small Arts Businesses

Marketing Solutions!

Get your message out. It’s all about

Content, Content, Content

  • Web Site Content & Design…your info package
  • E-blast Copy & Design…your newsletter
  • Branding Content Coaching & Scheduling… your reminder messages

    Smooth Sailing...My team will get you on the road to stronger sales!

    Smooth Sailing Ahead…My team will get you on the road to stronger sales!

  • Blog Posting for textile arts related businesses…your audience builder

If this is you

……..”I hate to write!”

Engaging written content  for your current clientele and those you wish for!

…….. “I’m so confused. Social Media overwhelms me!”

Calm guidance and teamwork help you pick a combination plan that works for your business size.  E-blasts, Facebook, InstagramWeb Site and the others will communicate your solid brand message.

……..”Huh? I didn’t know Linked In was any big deal, I’m not looking for a job.”

Profile Content handled to accurately portray your story and get you connected to your peeps.

……..”I know my style but have no clue what my brand is. I know I should care but it’s all Greek to me…”

Branding Excellence is fun to me. I can coach you to stay clear, without mixed messaging.

Then let’s work together, I can help you say what you want to say!

Marketing Support for Textile Artisans & Business owners, leaving you time to focus on your art…

Click if you are ready to take charge of your marketing!

Also… my expertise at your fingertips!

Workshops, Group Teleconference, One on One….

You choose your format.

I am faculty at the Denver Art Students League in Denver, Colorado
Current Classes available: read more & sign up here

Fibers & Fabrics: The Fun and the Facts

Secret Tools of the Fiber Trade: Pressing Props, Tools and Tips

Color Harmonies: Attitudes and Palette-tudes Session A

Business Series (each a separate class:)

Managing Your Inventory $$

How Buyers Think

Merchandising Online or On a Shelf

How to Start Your Own Boutique (Online or Brick & Mortar)

Teach Me!

Personal Wardrobe & Style Series (each a separate class:)

Career Closet Control: Recipe for a 21st Century Wardrobe

          …yes there is an easy formula for your office at home or the one you drive to!

Tailoring Wisdom: How to Fake What You Don’t Know

          …don’t get caught with fit goofs, and size gaffes

Color Psychology on your Body or in your Home

          …live with joy and personal comfort when you find your authentic palette

Teach Me!

Coming Soon! Color Art Therapy Series

Ask about my advanced certification with Leatrice Eiseman’s Color & Information Institute Training. Leatrice Eiseman is the Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute and the creative expert behind Pantone’s Color of the Year and other international Trend Forecasts. I have graduated from two advanced symposiums under the personal direction of Lee, with a tremendously exciting and intensive curriculum on Color.





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