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Stay tuned for a little conversation now and then, as I explore my own authenticity while also helping you discover yours. I will share my own life path of not knowing I was an artist to the very surprising discovery that indeed, I must be one. Though not the usual kind. This, plus my behind-the-scenes career in fabric fashion retailing gives me a unique perspective I want to share with you. The journey through my mind can be quite entertaining! Hang on, it may be a wild ride through nature, heritage, popular culture, and all things tactile….. A high point for me would be that I inspire artistry in you and together we create an awesome community to explore our similar passions.

The Categories below give you an idea of the themes that I find most intriguing…though you are totally welcome to send me other suggestions of things you are curious to read about!

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Grateful Harvest

The harvest season is not only a bounty of foods but also a bounty of rich earthy fashion as we seek warm comforts and colors for the colder months ahead. In my family we celebrate the heritage of our prairie ancestors who worked the land to create food and I invite...

Thought Provoking

(Be sure to see it to the end with the tailoring surprise from Savile Row.) See if this video jump jazzes you like it does me. For one thing, watching it makes me wish I was one of the designers or scientists in the film. Oh, to go to work every day to create...

Are you like this, or is it just me…

I can't help but notice, when I go shopping for some such thing, nine times out of ten, I come home with textiles. Last time I went looking for glassware and candles for some out of town company entertaining. I came home without the glassware but sure enough I came...

Calling all Tweeners…..

Textile career-wise, I've often observed myself as a "tweener," but without the benefit of getting to the fun part promised at the next stage. Let me explain. When I proudly earned my BS in Textiles & Clothing, Fashion Merchandising and started working at the...


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