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Stay tuned for a little conversation now and then, as I explore my own authenticity while also helping you discover yours. I will share my own life path of not knowing I was an artist to the very surprising discovery that indeed, I must be one. Though not the usual kind. This, plus my behind-the-scenes career in fabric fashion retailing gives me a unique perspective I want to share with you. The journey through my mind can be quite entertaining! Hang on, it may be a wild ride through nature, heritage, popular culture, and all things tactile….. A high point for me would be that I inspire artistry in you and together we create an awesome community to explore our similar passions.

The Categories below give you an idea of the themes that I find most intriguing…though you are totally welcome to send me other suggestions of things you are curious to read about!

Fabriculous     Fashion as Art      Fiber Wise      Maker & Mentor      Quality Cues     Creative Juices    Organics
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Are you like this, or is it just me…

I can't help but notice, when I go shopping for some such thing, nine times out of ten, I come home with textiles. Last time I went looking for glassware and candles for some out of town company entertaining. I came home without the glassware but sure enough I came...

Calling all Tweeners…..

Textile career-wise, I've often observed myself as a "tweener," but without the benefit of getting to the fun part promised at the next stage. Let me explain. When I proudly earned my BS in Textiles & Clothing, Fashion Merchandising and started working at the...


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