In the recent past, I wrote and published an e-zine (print it from your computer,) D’Leas Touch trend & sewing report. There are 4 back issues available now. If there is enough interest, I would love to continue offering this product as a paid subscription service. Contact me if you would consider a subscription to the D’Leas Touch.

It is creative-self food, made of little stories, columns and conversations.
It’s about color and trends.
It’s fun facts on fashion,fabrics & fiber.
It’s the buzz on body image, beauty and quality q’s. Zen out with movies, costumes & quotes.

It all relates to sewing zippy, wow, beautiful clothes! The Pattern Page returns! The D’L Touch is everything you loved in the D’Leas store newsletter but with more buzz. It is a celebration of our love for sewing clothes and beautiful fabrics. Treat yourself. Let’s chat with the lingo only a few of us understand as passion filled fashion seamsters.

I vote Yes on the idea of an e-zine subscription.  (Please put E-Zine in the subject line of your email.)

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