(Be sure to see it to the end with the tailoring surprise from Savile Row.)

See if this video jump jazzes you like it does me. For one thing, watching it makes me wish I was one of the designers or scientists in the film. Oh, to go to work every day to create textiles, beautiful textures and then….to think outside the typical box. How incredibly inspiring this is!

Adding to my passion for this piece, are the aesthetics in the work place and all the familiar props and tools we hold dear. Also of note, is watching the global and historic process of fiber to yarn to weave to cloth from our centuries of human heritage, filmed with the glow and sophistication of the 21st century. Some things never change….while they are changing.

On the subject of mind blowing industry revelations, there is also 3D printing that creates textiles. Now this is a total departure from fiber to fabric production! Such a thing deserves its own headline and I will bring it up again later, but thought it was worth mentioning in this segment.

The image I am sharing here is from the “Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital” exhibit at the Museum of Art & Design in New York City. I had the privilege to witness this exhibit and a lecture by the curator, while attending the Fashion Group International Annual Meeting in May 2014. The garments you see are not woven or knitted or formed by any manipulation of hand work. They are formed by printing equipment!

Now that is some food for thought….or shall we call it good fiber for thought.