A little bird told me to start the conversation...

A little bird told me to start this conversation…

I can’t help but notice, when I go shopping for some such thing, nine times out of ten, I come home with textiles. Last time I went looking for glassware and candles for some out of town company entertaining. I came home without the glassware but sure enough I came home with hand woven placemats and napkins. Are you like this?

I’ve been surfing the web for summer pants and colorful tees or tops. What do I end up finding but new sheets and pillowcases. A recent trip to TJ Max for discounted hair products, I returned home with a fresh new touch up of hand towels for my bathroom. Are you like this?

I no longer own a fabric store or direct a textile art gallery, but I sure do get my mental health from a continual thread of textile design in my everyday life.

At a recent Summer Solstice celebration at the lovely home of neighbors, I was keenly aware of missing textiles; interesting print cushions, table cloth textures, and complimenting pillows. Not everybody has this “problem” but I know you may share it with me.

textiles add pleasure

textiles add comfort and pleasure

That is why I am creating a new avenue for us to connect. Send me your comments and wishes of what you want to read about from me. D’Leas lives in me. 🙂